Dubizzle is the number one “classifieds” website in the UAE.
Before redesigning the website from scratch, it was important
to understand by ourselves how we approach, talk & engage.
“Disrupting consumer exploitation” is at the core of the company
and in order to do that, we needed to fundamentally change the
way the world works. That is how the UNO guide was created.
CLIENT: dubizzle
RESPONSIBILITIES: User Flows, Responsive
Wireframes, User Tests, UX / UI Design, UI Style Guide
Year: 2015

User Flows

Responsive Wireframes (10 freaking breaking points!)

“Let’s try atomic design” they said
Definition: Atomic design gives the ability to traverse from abstract to concrete.
Because of this, we can create systems that promote consistency and scalability
while simultaneously showing things in their final context.

All the molecules are placed in a PSD file that can be
used by developers and designers in the years to come.


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